We´ll take you on a ride around the different mind-blowing restaurants we visited around Barcelona.

Best coffee in town award has to go to “Good News Coffee”. We couldn´t resist going back!

“Iced drinks for hot people”

Good News

Then we tried this delicious sushi at Honkaku in Carrer de Mallorca. It was the best sushi we tried so far, the salmon was very fresh and staff were so nice and welcoming.

Later on, we got the chance to try Gambas also at Honkaku which was so fresh as well but the place was very crowded that day.

For breakfast, we tried croissants with cheese and coffee on the side, at Bonaparte. It was very rich in flavors and full-filling.

For dessert, we tried mixing passion fruit ice cream with coconut and white chocolate at Lucciano´s which was absolutely mind blowing! We enjoyed eating it on the go while walking around La Rambla.

Our absolute favorite healthy food place that we couldn´t stop re-visiting, is Honest Greens at La Rambla. This was one of our favorite dishes “Peri Peri chicken” which is mouth watering just by looking at it!

Gelaaati Di Marco had the best dolce de leche, cappuccino ice cream, waffles and crepes.