Welcome to the interesting part of the trip. here we will see all the places and trips that the students had visited during there time here in spain .

our first visit to light show at sagrada familia at barcalona city

students had to wait for a very long line for about an hour and to finally reach the entrance.

jaida said “every thing is for one euro only i am so excited”.

trying out items at the market together is fun !!

students tried out some amazing icecream shop at Lucciano <3

this is for the first week update, wait for the next adventure on the upcoming weeks!


Sant jordi a day to celebrate love and culture for people around the world .

we had a walk around barcelona and we felt love in the air .

flowers were everwhere in the floor and on the buildings .

everyone was holding red roses , in this tradition boys give girls red roses and girls give boys romantic books .

we took this picture at casa batlló gaudí in the morning after breakfast,

we were very happy to see people of different ages and backgrounds expressing their love to each other .